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Brandon leads a range of spiritual and healing workshops. Here are some popular ones:

  • Clairvoyant Bootcamp

  • Mediumship 101

  • Dukun - Intro to Javanese Shamanism

  • Universal Divination: from Tarot to Gemstones, the easy way to read any objects quickly and accurately

  • Level Up: Empath to Psychic

  • Uncaging the Spirit Within - Divine Assistance for Psychobiological Trauma Release


Brandon works one-on-one or in small groups to help people develop their gifts:

  • Spiritual Gifts Identification

  • Energy Decluttering

  • Developing Your "Clairs"

  • Universal Divination 

  • Intuitive Healing


Brandon is available for speaking engagements on the following topics:

  • Queer Mysticism 

  • Dukun - Intro to Javanese Shamanism

  • A Brief History of Spiritual Gifts 

  • Progressive Theology

  • Satyagraha - Non-violence + Love in the face of Oppression

  • Shadow + Light Working

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Brandon creates events and gathering for Queer Mystics, Mediums, Healers, Spiritual Teachers and Light-Workers to unite in celebration, training, and community:

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