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Genderless Jewelry


  • The Bodyguard (protection) - black tourmaline, palo santo, sage, gold leaf

  • The Oracle (spiritual insight and wisdom) - Quartz, lapis lazuli, amythest, arrow root, blue topaz, eye bright, silver leaf

  • The Watchtower (power)  - chrysocola, selenite, palo santo

  • The Wayshower (connection to divine and life path) - selenite, quartz, amethyst 

  • The Amplifier (manifestation)arrowroot, quartz citrine, peridot 

  • The Transformer (healing) - Shungite, Pyrite, turquoise, blue topaz, salt 

  • The Adoration (love, beauty,  and passion) - rose quartz, sea salt, rose, 


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