Brandon Kneefel, LSC, RMT, is an author and authority on spirituality and extra-sensory gifts as a Licensed Spiritual Counselor (with a foundation in Biblical Scripture, A Course in Miracles, and New Thought paradigms), Clairvoyant Medium (he sees visions and communicates with divine entities), and Certified Holistic Healer. He founded and runs Haus of Mystics, a community of healers + spiritual superheroes committed to becoming unstoppable in sharing their gifts to benefit the world. Through events, courses, and certification programs, Haus of Mystics is empowering emerging modern mystics. Brandon's wide array of abilities and skillsets led him to develop an all-in-one technique called Mediumship-Assisted Healing which has become his trademark offering.​

Brandon is often referred to by his students, mentees, and clients as "The Real-Life Professor X" I love the archetype of X-Men's Professor Xavier because of his mission, which, in ways, is my own.


What is Professor X’s mission:

1. To empower those with super abilities to be able to use them to help the world. AND

2. To create unity and harmony on the planet, believing these superheroes are the way.


Brandon starred in Logo TV’s “Finding Prince Charming." He uses his life experiences to inform his work, such as: growing up gay in an Evangelical household which resulted in being disowned as a teenager, recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and an eating disorder; living with OCD; and even long-term homelessness.


He also starred in the MyxTV reality makeover show “Best Night Ever.” Additionally, he’s also been seen across Viacom networks for the special “Addiction in America” and PSA “Coming Out in 60 secs.” 

Brandon has performed in movies, TV shows, viral videos, and on-stage at the Comedy Store.


Inspire Spiritual Communities, Licensed + Certified Spiritual Counselor. Instructor: Rev. Jesse Brune-Horan

  • Intensive 2-year course on spiritual principles and counseling.

  • Trained in rituals, ceremonies + major spiritual faith traditions.

  • 416 course hours + 500 counseling hours

Holistic Arts Institute, Holistic Health Practitioner. Instructor: Theda Rene Floyd, Ph.D., RN

  • 360 hours of course study + practicum.

  • Reiki Master/Teacher certification

  • Shamanism training

  • Epigenetics

  • Yoga as medicine holistic health track.

Advanced Mediumship One-to-One Coaching: one semester. Instructor: Colby Rebel

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