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your divine reset

What happens when you combine mediumship, channeling, psychic abilities, and energetic + spiritual healing?


No two sessions with Brandon are alike. While he incorporates psychic and mediumship abilities into every reading, he allows Spirit to determine what the individual ultimately needs. Aside from giving information about a client's past, present, and future and communicating with passed loved ones, Brandon's expertise and his ultimate aim is helping clients heal at the level of the mind, body, and soul. This will take form in many ways that are channeled through Brandon. Below is the best way to understand the abstract and energetic work that Brandon will do with you for in-person healing sessions. 

This is a process created by Brandon Kneefel that incorporates multiple psi abilities, mediumship, spiritual counseling, and energetic healing techniques. No two sessions are the same, but the general concept is that once the process begins, the practitioner and client do not stop until a break-through is reached. This can take 30 minutes or four hours. 


Some of the psi abilities that Brandon uses fall under the category of Clairomnience. Clairomnience is a specific set of extrasensory abilities that deal with the five senses plus the sense of “knowing.” Clairomients are people who have most or all of the known extrasensory perception abilities such as:

  • clairvoyance (psychic sight)

  • clairaudience (psychic hearing)

  • claircognizance (precognitive knowing)

  • clairsentience (ability to sense intangible information or gauge energy through the body)

  • clairgustance (receiving psychic information through taste)

  • clairalience (receiving psychic information through smell).


A clairomnient healing or mediumship-focused healing is not a medical procedure nor a psycho-therapeutic modality, it is the spiritual healing that works with your conscious and subconscious mind to eradicate lower thought-forms (anger, grief, shame, guilt, envy, jealousy), false beliefs, unhealthy habits, and helps you break through the fortress built out of pain to reveal your highest self—instantaneously.


Brandon incorporates healing techniques that he is guided through via mediumship and ultimately Divine connection. While Brandon is trained as a Reiki Master Teacher and has training in Reiki Shamanism, Hands-on Healing, and Mind Treatments, he allows the Divine to tell him what to do and say at any given moment. Many modes of healing that Brandon is moved to do would be unique to each client as if they have their own medicine created just for them.


Where medical intuitives can sense illness or misalignment in the body, a Clairomnient Healer can detect this information and can accurately identify the subconscious beliefs that enforce the ailment, and they can receive divine instructions to aide in the client’s healing. The practitioner does not diagnose and recommends that the client work with licensed medical or clinical professionals.


Observations from this type of healing reveal that emotions that were once thought inaccessible are then released through various expressions and a sense of alignment with who you are and an inexplicable permeating love in just one session. Brandon Kneefel teaches that miracles are instant and forever. A miracle, as defined by “A Course in Miracles,” is simply a shift in perception. The client will shift from loveless to loving thoughts about themselves and others.


When we look at our life and traumas holistically, we can see that wounds are created in the mind or body then flow back and forth thus enforcing the reality of the wounds. It’s been said that a problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that it was created. This directly correlates to the world of thought and form—mind and body. A leveling upward is required. A trained clairomnient can use their extrasensory abilities to guide a client through the movements, touch, words, and sounds and look directly at the originating thought with love. The fear is transformed not by battling it, but by transcending it through spiritual techniques such as visioning, energetic healing, regression and progression, mediumship connection, astral traveling, hands-on healing, sound healing, mind treatments, internal family systems work, and breath. 

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